Are you ready to start your campervan conversion project?

If you can hear the call of the wild and fancy heading out into the outdoors but you’ve had enough of your tired old tent, it might be time to take up vanlife.

If you’re a campervan newbie, taking up a conversion project can be daunting. Once you’ve chosen your van, there are so many elements to think about that will truly make your campervan a home away from home.

Before You Begin

Start by setting yourself a budget, this will make it easier when it comes to planning things like floors, walls, electricity, and the interior. From there, you can plan a timescale, giving yourself goals and aims for when you’d like certain parts of the campervan completed.

Once you have a budget and timeline set, and a place to work, check out your toolbox. Take a look at what you’ve got and what you need to purchase or borrow from friends. Don’t forget to enlist those holidaying with you for help too – and if you’d like a professional opinion there are plenty of conversion companies out there who can support you

The Basics

The first step of your conversion is stripping the van and taking out its existing interior to make way for your new cabin. Once everything out, you can begin laying your insulation, a vital step that will keep your van at the right temperature whether it’s high summer or bleak winter.

Next, you’re onto the floor, ceiling, and walls, so it’s time to get creative and choose some materials and colours that will make your campervan pop. Wood, vinyl and tiles are fantastic options and will all start to bring your van to life.

The Technical Stuff

To give more of a glamping experience, electricity is a necessity and also one of the trickiest parts of a conversion project. Solar panels are a great option to consider, allowing you to be as self-sufficient and as sustainable as possible.

Don’t forget your ventilation either – it prevents mould and ensures that there is always air flowing through the campervan. There are plenty of options to choose from including wind-powered roof vents, pop-up roof vents and louvered air vents.

The Interior

Now it’s time to really make your campervan – from the sleeping area to the kitchen, put your unique stamp on your interior to make the van personal to you. Think about different fabrics, homely furnishings, fairy lights and more that will give your van that wow factor.

How Can We Help?

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