Why you shouldn’t wait until spring to get out in your van!

Vanshades have you covered for camping in all conditions, so why wait until spring to get out?

The winter months provide the perfect opportunity to head out and experience new sights and places, often with less people around!

Before heading off on your winter adventures, make sure your van is insulated correctly with a range of products from Vanshades.

Window Pods

Window Pods® have been created by Vanshades to provide an easy to install, stylish privacy solution for your Volkswagen T5 and T6 campervan.

The foil-lined cellular pleated structure of Window Pods® not only offers a sleek style to your van, but they’re also designed to keep your van insulated. The foil-lined honeycomb design holds a layer of air which acts as an insulator, retaining heat throughout winter.

As well as excellent thermal qualities, Window Pods® are designed to reduce condensation, reduce noise pollution and provide blackout properties – everything you need for a peaceful night’s sleep!

Visit our Window Pods® page now!

Insulated Pop Top Wrap

If, like us, you like to pop your roof to ensure you’re experiencing maximum room and comfort, you might be concerned about a draft! With Vanshades there’s no need to worry, we’ve designed our Insulated Pop Top Wraps with this in mind.

Our Pop Top Wraps are designed with a variety of elevating roofs in mind. Designed with a special insulated layer between the outer and inner hydro coated polyester, our wrap provides you with a much-needed extra layer of insulation for your campervan.

Head over to our Insulated Pop Top Wrap page for more information.

Screen Covers

For customisable screen covers that are completely unique to you, choose Vanshades! Not only can you choose the design, but you’ll also experience an extra level of privacy and insulation throughout your trip. Our screen covers are designed with additional velcro fastenings, ensuring there’s no movement, even in the stormiest of conditions!

Order yours today here.

Other winter camping essentials include a wooly hat, a travel kettle and plenty of teabags!

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