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Chair Pod

As an avid camper you’ll no doubt have arrived eagerly at your destination, ready to put your feet up and soak up the atmosphere with a much-deserved beer. And then, the argument commences… who forgot the chairs?

The team that brought you printed Vanshades and Window Pods think its high time to again combine style with practical functionality. Like the California’s chair stowage solution, Chair Pod utilises wasted space to permanently store two ultra-lightweight yet comfortable chairs.

Chairs Pod is designed specifically for retro fitting to your VWT5 & T6 Tailgate using the existing “insert” from the tailgate. Installation is easy. Anyone with basic DIY skills, an extra pair of hands and 30 minutes can ensure you never forget the chairs again.

Made of a robust canvass bag, your Chair Pod comes ready to fit complete with two ultra-light aluminium chairs. Simply slide the insert from your tail gate into the bag, and screw it back on through the ready aligned holes in the Chair Pod. Inside, a lightweight aluminium frame section makes it easy to slide the two chairs in and out. At just 1.8 kg each, the chairs can support up to 120 kg.

The Chair Pod can be removed at any time and all necessary fittings and illustrated instructions are included. You will need;

Adjustable spanner
Star bit (Torx) screwdriver
4.5mm Allen key
Once fitted, the chairs will never be forgotten again, leaving you with just one question…… Who forgot the beers?

Chair Pod Dimensions (when tailgate is closed)…

Height – 67 cm
Width – 120 cm
Depth – 12 cm
COMPATIBILITY: Important – Please read before placing your order…

Due to the additional weight of the Chair Pod, especially when fitted with a tailgate WindowPod, the existing tailgate struts should be upgraded to compensate for the the extra weight. There are two versions to choose from, one for the VW T5 and one for the VW T6.
Incompatibility issues: The Chair needs a clearance of 120mm for the Tailgate to close. The Chair Pod is not compatible if you have fitted furniture units or a bed that doesn’t slide forward or leave 120mm clearance.


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