Production & Delivery Lead Time

Our lead times vary from time to time. This is because all of our products are hand-built to order and production times can sometimes fluctuate. Please keep an eye on the red banner at the top of our website, which will give you an indication of current lead times.

Current Lead Time: 4 weeks

You can download our Chair Pod 2.0® Installation Guide here:

Fitting requirements

To fit the Chair Pod®, you MUST have a minimum of 80mm clearance across the width of the tailgate inside the vehicle.

If you have a rear wash wiper, the motor housing will need removing in order fit the Chair Pod®. In this case, we recommend fitting a Window Pod to act as the new motor housing. Please note the Window Pod will need trimming down, to fit over the Chair Pod® (if both products are ordered simultaneously, our production team will supply the Window Pod trimmed). There is a raised ABS plastic guideline on the Window Pod to ensure a clean cut for any customers who haven’t ordered both products together.

Tools required


Thank you for purchasing this product from Vanshades! If at any point you need assistance after you have read the installation guide, please watch our fitting video on YouTube here. If you still require assistance, call us on 01226 872 330.

Before installing the Vanshades Chair Pod® you will need to know whether you need to make use of the cut out in the face of the product, this is for the tailgate release switch which you may have. If you don’t have the tailgate release switch on your van skip STEP 2.

You will also need to remove the pull-down handle; this is not compatible with the Chair Pod® and any ply lining you have on the tailgate. For this you will need the Torx T20 bit.

STEP 1 – Upgrading tailgate to 1250Nm gas struts (Recommended)

STEP 2 – Tailgate release switch installation (Optional)

STEP 3 – Chair Pod® Installation