Production & Delivery Lead Time

Our lead times vary from time to time. This is because all of our products are hand-built to order and production times can sometimes fluctuate. Please keep an eye on the red banner at the top of our website, which will give you an indication of current lead times.

Current Lead Time: 3-4 weeks

The new year is well underway and many of us have set resolutions or goals for 2021. Travelling abroad for that much needed time away is looking more and more unlikely (no matter how much we all need it!) but there’s still an option to travel that is not only safe after the current lockdown is over, but is also a great investment for life.

Purchasing your first camper is a big commitment and we’d put money on the fact you’ll want to get out on the road as soon as possible! It’ll provide that little bit more freedom in current times and it’s the perfect time to take the plunge. However, there are a few things you need to think about before you make that big purchase. Here’s some essential advice to keep in mind before you hand over the cash, and just how Vanshades can sort you out with all the extras!

Stick to a budget
Start your search with a budget in mind. Many choose a camper they can convert into something of their own, so it’s essential that you have the funds left over to be able to customise it how you wish. If this is what you choose, you need to understand just how big of a project this can be, and that it’ll take commitment and dedication to get your camper exactly how you want it.

Think of how you’ll use your van. Will it just be a means of getting from A to B? Or will you be spending days or even nights inside while you travel? This will help to give you ideas for your van’s interior as well as for the sort of van you should look to purchase. Do some research and see a few different vans before you make your decision.

Buying a used van?
If you’re buying a used van from someone else, make sure you do the following checks to know what you’ll be working with:

● Electrics and wiring
● Safety equipment, from seat belts to fire extinguishers
● Check for oil leaks or engine problems
● Damp or wet inside, any potential leaks?
● Enquire about cooking stations/fridge etc. and ensure everything is in working order.

Storage areas
How much do you plan to take with you on your trips? You need to ensure you have adequate space for storage; think clothes, food, supplies, etc. and even space for sleeping if required. There are many ways to create more space and clever storage options available to really make the most of your interior.

Powering your camper
If you’re going to be out and about a lot, power is going to be a big consideration. Solar panels are great for sunnier trips and can be very cost effective. If your climate isn’t going to be so sunny, look into different battery packs and which would be right for your camper lifestyle.

Spruce up your camper with Vanshades
If you’ve been following us for a while, then you’ll know we have the perfect additions for your camper to keep it stylish and protected. If not, then you’re in for a treat!

– Screen covers and roof wraps
Vanshades offer a great range of blackout and insulated privacy covers and pop top wraps for the VW campervan market. Our roof wraps have a special insulated layer sandwiched between the outer and inner hydro coated polyester to keep your vehicle warmer during cooler months/climates – it’s an extra layer of insulation for your camper

– Window pods
The made-to-order Window Pod® system is an easy-to-install blind and frame system which not only looks far more stylish than standard curtains, but also offers blackout and thermal qualities to ensure that any trip in the van is a comfortable one.

– Camper Glass
We stock Camper Glass to bring those on a camper refurb mission the opportunity to fit their van with windows. Camper Glass brings more variety and opportunity for customisation – let the light in with quality glass that you can fit yourself!

Any questions?
If you need any help or advice on any of our products, we’re always happy to help. Give us a ring on 01226 872330 or email