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Current Lead Time: 4 weeks

Gear Up For Camper Adventures This Summer


With spring well and truly underway and thinking about just how much we enjoyed the most recent scorching weather (especially at the end of March), it’s got us thinking about summer camping trips this year and just how we can prepare our campers for a brand new season. If you want to get your camper ready to go when the summer months begin, now is the time to really get thinking about what you want – not only planning in your journeys, but to also plan in some much needed camper TLC and preparation.

Here are some things to think about nice and early to ensure you’re ready for the summer months:

Get the maintenance out the way

It might not be the most exciting job on the planet, but getting those unavoidable maintenance jobs ticked off the list can save you time later on, and always makes way for the more enjoyable jobs. Giving your camper a good wash, checking fluid/oil levels, testing out the battery and checking tyres, especially if you haven’t driven your camper in a while, are all things you should make a priority. Any issues can then be rectified well before any planned trips.

Ramp up your interior

Getting your camper comfortable can be one of the many things that really makes your trip memorable, so look at what’s achievable with your make and model of camper. Here at Vanshades, we have a range of fantastic products to spruce up your interior, from our ever popular window pods to Camper Glass and accessories. There’s no reason why you can’t get your camper looking exactly how you want it!

Buy that awning

Yep, the sun will continue to shine, so don’t put off buying that awning/sun canopy any longer! Awnings are the perfect solution to tackling the sun’s rays when you need a bit of cool down time, and can also be a stylish addition to your camper when you’ve pitched up for a while. As well as keeping your spot shaded, an awning will also keep you dry if the unpredictable British weather does its thing, and certain types of awning can also act as a wind barrier on those more blustery days.

Consider a screen cover

Screen covers are well known for keeping frost and condensation at bay in the winter, but they’re also great for keeping the sun out to maintain a cooler temperature in your camper during the warmer months. At Vanshades, we have a great selection of screen covers and roof wraps in a range of colours and designs, and we even have the option to upload your own image onto one of our screen covers. Get in touch with us if you have any questions about this.

Get summer ready with Vanshades

We’d certainly recommend getting started early with your summer preparations this year, especially with COVID delays still being an issue. We are currently operating on a 3-5 week delivery turn around, so make sure you get any orders in well before any trips commence.

If we can be of assistance in any way, please let us know by calling our team on 01226 872330 or email us at Thank you for your continued support!