What are the modern alternatives to camper curtains?


The importance of your camper windows and the dressings that you choose for them is sometimes overlooked. Your windows and their dressings need to not only look fabulous because after all, you’ve probably spent a considerable amount of money converting your van, they also need to perform well too.

Window dressings perform a number of key functions:

  • to let light in during the day
  • to keep light out when you’re sleeping
  • to keep you warm when it’s cold
  • to keep you cool when it’s hot
  • to provide easy access to privacy
  • to look good

Until recently, it’s been a hard job to find good stylish alternatives to curtains, there have been a number of roller and sliding type solutions but they’ve never quite delivered that high-end fully integrated and modern “limo-look” or “tour-bus” quality that you’ve been looking for in an easy to install or retro-fit package.

Now let’s not be too hard on the humble curtain, they have been a fairly maintenance free reliable solution for a very long time and they do kind of “get the job done” but, there’s the problem, they’ve been around for a very long time and they do come with the problem of those ugly curtain rails or tracks that are also time consuming and tricky to install.

Let’s face it, in the conversion world, style and quality has moved on but unfortunately the humble curtain well, hasn’t. Curtains can now easily spoil the overall look of the rest of your often costly conversion project. Curtains just don’t cut it in terms of thermal efficiency either and they’re just not that quick or easy to close when you need a little privacy. I’m fairly positive that there will be people who still have full-on “curtain-love” and that’s fine, everyone is entitled to choice and their opinion however, there’s no getting away from the fact that the market has moved on. Just like the loveable old “Blackberry”, the poor old curtain has sadly seen it’s day.

If you weren’t already convinced that curtains have had their day, here’s a photo of the inside of a 1967 Cadillac Hearse. If your van conversion resembles this, or your conversion company is offering you something that looks like this, then it’s time to embrace a little change and read on!

Credit: http://farm1.static.flickr.com/67/173019610_637bd7043b.jpg

So what are the modern alternatives to camper curtains?

There’s a new and frankly quite sexy alternative to curtains for your camper conversion, namely, the VanShades Original WindowPod® system. WindowPods® are the very latest in design and come pre-installed with quality blinds, pre-carpeted if you wish and they are designed to be super easy to fit. WindowPods® can be specified as part of a new conversion by you or your conversion company, you can use them to give your van a facelift or or, you can use them to quickly and easily add-value if you’re selling your camper van. They can take years off a van!

VanShades WindowPods® (which are currently available for VW T5 vans and more models such are T4, T6 soon) solve all all of the age-old problems associated with curtains.

Instead of old dated curtain styles with rails or tracks visible, you can now have a modern, stylish, thermally efficient blinds system that’s quick and easy to fit, that looks integrated and part of your conversion and that complements your conversion rather than detracting from it.

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Designed and developed in the UK and made from automotive grade ABS plastic, VanShades WindowPods® are pre-installed with high quality blinds that are available in a wide range of colours and designs. The VanShades WindowPod® system is The Original, The Best and The Only WindowPod® blinds system on the market today. WindowPods® are loved by their owners, you can read what they say about them at our VanShades Facebook page.

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