Production & Delivery Lead Time

Our lead times vary from time to time. This is because all of our products are hand-built to order and production times can sometimes fluctuate. Please keep an eye on the red banner at the top of our website, which will give you an indication of current lead times.

Current Lead Time: 3 weeks

As well as the bigger jobs on your camper, it’s also just as important to get the finer details nailed on the head too. Thankfully, Camper Glass has us all set with their bonding adhesive, which is the perfect sealant for Camper Glass windows on your T5 or T6.

The Bostik Automotive Window Bonding Adhesive is manufactured from a Silyl Modified Polymer (SMP) based direct glazing adhesive. This has been developed for quick and efficient bonding of automotive windscreens and van conversion windows.

The adhesive boasts a primerless application, reducing preparation and production time. The adhesive bond reaction starts immediately after installation and provides a high green strength adhesive, allowing for a quick drive away time of an hour, weather dependent.

For your camper, one bonding adhesive cartridge is required per window, including barn doors, and 2 cartridges are required for tailgates. You can get your own cartridges here.

Vanshades and Camper Glass are now a collaborative team! Camper Glass have 60 years combined experience in the motor trade and 10 years experience in supplying camper windows in the UK. You can find a range of Camper Glass windows on our website.

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