Camper Van Curtains Ideas


There’s no arguing that curtains do their job as long as that job is closing so you can change your smalls but curtains can fail to provide the most basic of functions:

  • quick and easy- they are usually fiddly to close and can get in the way.
  • thermally efficient – they don’t keep you warm in winter and cool in summer and they do often soak up condensation and go mouldy.
  • blackout qualities – they sometimes let in the light when you want stay asleep.
  • look great – curtain-lovers may disagree but they look dated and those unsightly tracks!
  • easy installation – let’s face it, installing curtain tracks isn’t a satisfying use of a weekend.

So what’s an alternative idea for camper van curtains?


Sorry what did you say?

Hang on we’ve not gone mad and yes we did just say “NO CURTAINS”.

The thing is, we couldn’t seem to find what we wanted, a great looking, stylish, modern, thermally efficient alternative idea for camper van curtains so, we thought outside the box and invented a completely new window blinds system.

Our system solves all of the shortcomings of camper van curtains:

  • they are quick and easy to use
  • they are thermally efficient
  • they are available in blackout and thermal
  • they look great, they’re modern, sleek and stylish
  • they are very easy to install in as little as an hour or less!
  • Introducing the VanShades Original WindowPod® system.

Designed and developed in the UK and made from automotive grade ABS plastic, VanShades WindowPods® are pre-installed with high quality blinds that are available in a wide range of colours and designs. Currently available for VW T5 (and other makes/models soon), the VanShades WindowPod® system is The Original, The Best and The Only WindowPod® blinds system on the market today. WindowPods® are loved by their owners, you can read what they say about them at our VanShades Facebook page.

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Vanshades is committed to improving our manufacturing processes and minimising our impact on the environment. 100% of our waste plastic material is recycled and converted back into useable materials.

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