Production & Delivery Lead Time

Our lead times vary from time to time. This is because all of our products are hand-built to order and production times can sometimes fluctuate. Please keep an eye on the red banner at the top of our website, which will give you an indication of current lead times.

Current Lead Time: 3 weeks

Since the 60s, holidaymakers and camping fanatics have been decorating their camper vans to suit their own individual styles and tastes.

In the years that have followed, trends have changed and manufacturing capabilities have improved but one thing that has stuck around, is curtains.

With a cheap and untidy look, curtains provide no benefit to the comfort of a camper van, Window Pods® from Vanshades are the must-have alternative to curtains that will transform the look and feel of a van’s interior.

The made-to-order Window Pod® system is an easy-to-install blind and frame system which not only looks far more stylish than standard curtains, but also offers blackout and thermal qualities to ensure that any trip in the van is a comfortable one.

But what goes into building the Vanshades Window Pods®?

Whether you’re a trader completing camper conversions or you’re a camper van owner looking to spruce up your interior, each order is completely tailored to deliver an individual product every time.

The Window Pod® starts its journey in our 6000sqft factory as vacuum formed ABS recycled plastic, before going through several quality-driven processes to deliver a system that curtains just can’t compete with.

Each process brings value to the product – from to cutting the components to choosing the fabrics and assembling the blind, we take care every step of the way.

All elements of Window Pods® are manufactured in house, including the blind build and the pod carpeting, and goes through a stringent quality check once completed to ensure appearance and performance is perfect.

The process doesn’t stop there either, we continuously operate a company policy of improvement, allowing us to grow and learn new procedures, practices and protocols within the business.

The Window Pod® takes two weeks from the placement of the order, giving our dedicated and passionate team time to deliver a product that is as individual as the van it is being fitted into.

Here at Vanshades, we aim to deliver a product that not only performs, but that is also easy to install, to save you time no matter what the project you’re working on.