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Insulated Pop Top Wrap (universal)

The VanShades Insulated Pop Top Wrap is a universal product to fit any elevating roof or pop top of the style shown in the photograph. It has a special insulated layer sandwiched between the outer and inner hydro coated polyester to keep your vehicle warmer during cooler months/climates.  It’s an extra layer of insulation for your camper. Our pop top wraps are designed to wrap around your existing elevating roof. They securely fastened at the rear using tension straps and quick release clips.

How to measure for a VanShades insulated pop top wrap

Measure your existing pop top elevating roof noting down the dimensions of A thru I rounding up to the nearest centimetre in reference to the illustrations below. You then enter this information into this page using the input boxes above labelled Dimension A…I, it’s that simple!

We will then manufacture your insulated pop top wrap to your measurements and ship it to you.

** PLEASE NOTE: All dimensions supplied are manufactured to /-1cm so please allow for this tolerance when measuring your pop-top wrap.


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